Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Commission: Luts Kid Delf Girl PonPon Outfits for Winnie

Post bumped up on the work table May 20, 2014

Winnie contacted me about these outfits, and they are so wild and fun!  We're waiting on Spoonflower fabric, candy wrappers, the pink fluffy headdress and finding some white gloves that fit, but everything else is accounted for, and a deposit paid.
The deadline is sometime in April.  The outfits themselves are simple, but the over all designs details are the very creative parts.

Pictures provided by Winnie

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Advertising's Impact for A Small BJD Related Business

It’s one thing to put out the word on blogs, social media and signature links on forums, but I’ve found that the best small business advantage comes from serious advertising. An independent bjd doll or clothing dealer with a small web site can really impress people as being much more professional with the right advertising. If you buy an advert on another blog’s list, people sometimes click on the links out of curiosity, but what if people don’t look at the blogs you do? Tastes vary greatly. But a BJD specific blog, or e-news site will reach more BJD people.

I’m a big fan of BJDCollectasy since the beginning. It’s been my go to place for information and tutorials, and advertising there has been that step up my business needed. Their advertising is one of the least expensive I’ve found, well maintained, always on the page, and if you want to really keep up with new doll releases, conventions, interviews and sales, it’s ‘the local newspaper’ you’d want to have on your table every morning. It’s also open to anyone who wants to advertise. You don’t have to join a forum and make a hundred posts, wait months, and earn points before you can even query them for pricing, and you won’t go ignored in favor of the big name doll companies.

Try just one month for a small square advert, or a banner, and see how your bjd related business, Etsy shop, or interest in your bjd convention, forum or blog picks up.  According to my stats, this blog gets at least 10 hits a day through BJDCollectasy, and up to 40 when a tutorial I've done posts.  Very rarely do I get a hit from a forum signature link.   

Commission: Fishcake's SD Girl Bohemian Sophie Has Commanded!

Paid in full, fabric and thread has arrived.

This project started as another knee length yukata for bohemian cutie Sophie.  Also a Patrick Kelly One Seam Cocoon Coat. Added was a scarf.

I suspect Sophie has been using some mysterious Soom mind control, because what was received to make this simple yukata was brocade that would more likely be a very fancy kimono.  Now, you can get gorgeous kimono from Ichiroya and cut them down to wear as you please, so this makes authentic sense.  Kimono remake into 'street clothing' has been very popular in Japan and other countries for a while now.  Sophie would do that in a heart beat, so I'm making the brocade into a 'cut down kimono', with a full lining and neck and sleeve pieces, so she can swan about in style.

The Patrick Kelly Cocoon Coat has its inspiration from Poirot and the like around the 10's and 20s of the 20th century, which in turn was inspired by North African Bedouin wear.  Sophie being Sophie, I have to make a turn of the century Erte-like turban to go with it.  I have no idea why, I just know that if I don't, something awful will happen.

 Also a belidi scarf, which is the full size cover a body with chiffon scarf 'belly' dancers wave around and wiggle their hips behind and generally drape over and torment very shy people with.

Commission: Volks SD Girl Traditional Basic and Princess Hanbok Part 2

Part 3 is here.

Post moved up to keep better track of it. ^_^

Continuing the Hanbok Project because the other post is loaded up to beyond saving any more.

Images from http://www.sonjjang-hanbok.com

How to Tie a Shell Obi

How to tie a shell obi from Make Your Own Japanese Clothes by John Marshall, a very funkily illustrated book I found through Ichiroya's interview with the author.  Honestly some of the ideas in his book are too 80s fashion outrage for me, but this is the best simple illustration I could find.  For tying a bow, simply drape the folded end you see in #1 over the doll's shoulder so that it's longer and when you get to #3 tie a bow and position it at the top of the obi, and slide the obi around to the back.  (Or just start from the back in the first place, since you're dressing a doll).

And here is a very nice YouTube vid on how to wear Yukata for girls (guys don't have side openings, but it's the same up to the two ties.  Men only do the lower, hip bone tie.  It shows the full layered traditional dressing.  There is also an extra instruction on tying that bow

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer Yukata Special on Etsy

Later on today when I get time, I'm going to cobble up a listing on Etsy, but for now I'll just put it up here. I need to get the gang out and dress them up for photos!  I've been thinking about a Summer sale thing, and came up with this.

Yukata and plain obi that can be tied shell style for men or bow for women, YoSD 25$, MSD and up, 35$, plus shipping and handling either USA 7$ or International $27 (yeah I know, OUCH!).  You purchase the fabric from your favorite dealer, send it to me and I will make a yukata (unlined summer kimono) and obi.  It takes me about a week or less to turn around a proper yukata, and I have basic size patterns for all sizes now except the big 80 some cm dolls (I can size them up, I just have never had the measurements to do so).  This is a 10$ reduction from my normal price for the entire Summer.

There are some wonderful Japanese fabric suppliers on Etsy, who will sell by the half yard, and cut a whole yard if you specify.  Also recommended is Spoonflower, and Superbuzzy.  Mainly cotton is preferred, but rayon/rayon blends, and faux linens as well as real are standard traditional yukata fabrics.  Normally, it's small cartoon prints and bright colors are for little kids, bright florals for older girls, darker florals for mature women, and stripes and geometric for men.  Men also wear things like card or gaming piece prints, and can go as far as something similar to a 'hawaiian shirt' print on Yukata.  Basically anything that identifies the wearer's hobby interest would be for the bolder guy not afraid to stand out.  It's really up to the 'doll'. ^_^

Some of my previous yukata hastily photographed.
Edit: The listing is now up.  ^_^ 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

So, it's May Already O_o

I have plans to complete backlogged work this month.  The only thing that might interfere (suck time down the drain) is that we're switching from a General Practitioner (that diet...) to an Internal Medicine doctor and already I'm a little irked.  I requested the patient record packet to fill out Monday, it should have been here by yesterday, it's only a few blocks up the street.  Our local post at it again, no doubt. But we need a doctor's office that won't have us sitting around 5 hours, and the Physical Therapists at Casa Colina, as well as the Insurance are telling us we need an Internal Medicine doctor and more serious monitoring of the hubby's health and my thyroid.  More blood tests, ( I HATE being needled!) more evaluations, more med changes.  I'm hoping things will go more smoothly this time around?  I am categorically NOT allergic to CATS, I don't care what the tests say.  Nor is the hubby.  Seriously.  We deliberately snuggle the little beast constantly and have no issues with him.

Bad Cell phone cam, last December.  Seriously, that face, who could be allergic to that CUTE?

I have what I think are some more very neat tutorials planned for BJDCollectasy in the coming months.  Along with a basic dress that's going to be very cute for summer, I'll be continuing the underwear series   for girls and boys with modern items simplified for the basic skills stitcher.  And I just saw that there's an interview with FreakStyle BJD up!  One of my favorite doll artists.  ^_^

I'm dithering back and forth between the Soom and EID body for Rin.  Because once I dye or paint her head to match, it's not going back to the original plan to have her share the body with Jiji.  And the EID girl is markedly different in figure.  The Soom Super Gem older girl almost exactly matches the Dragon Doll Gen one SD girl.  I had a better look at the EID yesterday morning before we had to start running around to appointments and errands  and it looks like her neck could actually be carved down to fit Rin's neck.  For some reason the EID mushrooms again after narrowing, and where Fishcake took it off, it looks like just a bit lower, and I'd have the ideal fit with the usual beveling.  Then I'd have to cold dye Rin's head to match the color.  I'm pretty sure Ritt will dye cold. I don't want to risk hot bath dying, I'm too chicken.  This is all a big IF right now and definitely a for later project.

We're still having high winds, with so far minor (minutes of) power outages, and a record May heat wave, but what they are calling the Etiwanda fire seems to be under control, not so much eye stinging smoke today.  Yesterday it was impossible to even try to sew even inside Casa Colina with the AC and all that on.  We drove home through huge flakes of ash, but it was, thankfully, no where near as horrific as the San Bernardino fire.

This photo is lower and to the left of the area that was on fire (just starting toward the right edge, behind the light pole) taken a while back with the cell phone.  All the BEST views in CA are in shopping center parking lots.  O_o