Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shakin' in So-Cal

Yeah, we felt that last night.  That was a long 15 seconds if you ask me.  Seemed more like a whole minute.  Scary!  We need to re-think our emergency bug-out plan options.

So, I seem to be over the cold and all the effects what ever the heck that was had on me, and plan on getting back on track with the sewing orders.  I'm getting very frustrated and very down about being so far behind on everything.  We had power outages for two days this week with repairs to the 'infrastructure', and more phone calls.   And yesterday, the Hubby finally got aquatic therapy, only to have a nerve in his left leg freak out and spasm like mad.  It scared the hell out of both of us.  Today, I can joke about him 'being a little kicky', but yeah, they should not have left a stroke patient a month with out the physical therapy.  So it turns out he'll be having this happen after work outs and it's normal.

You don't know how much you depend on someone being there, and doing their share until they can't.  That's the thing that's still getting me off track and over tired.  But I'll find a way to work past it.

EDIT: 2:35 pm or so.  DAMN IT EARTH, STAY STILL when I'm trying to sew!  That aftershock (?) we just had to be about 4.something.  I had to pick out stitches!  *wail*

OMG!  LINK to the earthquake log site. O_O

Friday, March 21, 2014

Things are Settling Down and I'm Catching Up With Back Logged Orders

I should be finished with Aernath's Sherlock suit set this weekend, despite the flu or what ever this is.  It's trying to fight past the antibiotics, but then I take another pill and it gets beaten back.

Meds are good.  It's so nice to have insurance and be able to go to the doctor and get told: Your sick. Well, yeah, and where did I catch it?  But to be able to get the meds to make me feel human (mostly) is awesome.  Once again I find myself thinking, yeah if we'd had insurance a month sooner (believe me, I was trying!) my husband would have avoided that stroke.

After the Sherlock suit set, I'm going to work on getting the Hanbok order under control and down to the embroidery.  I can only thank the people who are being so patient with me under the circumstances.  I've finally calmed down enough to get my confidence back and handle the delicate fabric and focus on the tiny embroidery this commission calls for.  

The orders for Late March/Early April will be in progress as well as soon as the Sherlock suit set is caught up with.  I'm waiting on fabric for one from Spoonflower and the other order I just need to get down to the store and get the fabric.  I need to avoid the fabric store while on meds, trust me.  It says "no driving, no heavy equipment, etc" on the label, but drugs is drugs, and fabric stores while medicated, nope, nope nope.  It'll all be "oooh, preeeetttyyy" and end in tears, I know it.

Take some time to follow the link over to the Doll-A-Kon page and check out all the wonderful things donated for the charity auction.  I'm really hoping to actually go next year.  All the 'really cool' people are going, you know it. So GO! ^_^

Also, I want to give a shout out to an awesome Japanese historical costume fan, Shiroki Kazuhana.  Her blog is on Ameblo, and in Japanese, but if you don't read it, just scroll down the linked post, and look at her wonderful photos of a full Heian court costume, along with the one at the top of her blog right now.  All those gorgeous layers!  She looks wonderful!

Commission: Volks SD Girl Traditional Basic and Princess Hanbok

A Dec '13/Jan '14 Project, for V/R's Volks SD Girl.

Project post bumped up and on the work table, again March 21.  

A basic hanbok set for every day, and a 'princess' hanbok' set with medallions and embroidery.  Set includes the outer skirt, jacket, pantaloons, for the princess set, a head band.  The outfits are to be traditional as possible, not modernized, but if you look around the web, some of the 'modernized' hanbok are actually quite in keeping with the classic lines and modesty.

These are just found images, credited to one web site for information purposes.  I have a bunch of images in the working file.
Images from
There is also a very nice YouTube video called The Beauty of Hanbok you might want to check out.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aernath's Supia Sherlock: Suit and Shirt Commission

Project for January or sooner; Black jacket and slacks, purple shirt for Aernath's Supia Joshua as Sherlock.

Post bumped up and on the sewing table.

Paid in full, w/shipping and permanent discount/free shipping for providing a fitting shell for this Supia size body (awaiting).

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sit In The Doc's Waiting Room and What Do You Get?

Sick.  Ever since Thursday I've been dealing with a cough I thought was just the very dry air lately (and possibly something in the new flat working on my mild asthma).  Friday, I was feeling blah, Saturday like lead weights were dragging me back, and today the stomach part starts.  It just didn't occur to me that while there was a guy coughing in the waiting room (same dry cough...) he was dosing us all with the flu.  Thank  goodness the hubby's had his shot months ago.  Me, I'm one of those 'I don't need a flu shot, I'm fine' people who never ever gets it. I'm really hoping it's the short version.  At least Ibuprofen is covering the achy everywhere feeling, but I'm out of it on my feet and wondering what I'm doing in one room from the next.  Time to just let it run it's course.

I'm still working on my sewing (because the fever makes me think I can do things, how's that for a delusion) and will make sure to wash everything before shipping, but it's all being done in fits and starts and with nausea breaks. The fun part is I have an appointment at the doc's office Tuesday.  I didn't know I was ill before I made it, it's just the check up I've been wanting to get for ages.  At which I probably would have gotten the flu shot.  Darn it!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some More Good News

The doctor was very concerned about the hubby's cholesterol and the state of his arteries and sent him for all sorts of tests, which were then delayed by the switch from one insurance to another and all that mess. So weeks later, finally,  after sitting around only a whopping 2 hours past our appointment time (some things can not be cured by Obama-care) the Doctor did the break down of all the blood letting and sonograms for us.  An unusually high amount of crappy cholesterol (though his over all cholesterol levels are good, it's crappy cholesterol) and his arteries are 'inflamed' which means cut back on the inflammatory things like wheat products, starches and rice. >.<;;  And by the 'math' of some bizarre calculation, the hubby has only a 11% chance of having another stroke soon.  Yay!

And, he said the dearest one needs to get more exercise, to which my response was WELL DUH! he's stuck in a wheel chair! Send him BACK to Casa Colina for *bleep sakes*! (Verbally I was much more polite, but mentally, yeah, very snarky...) So he said (and this goes against the other two hospitals because you're not supposed to put more pressure on a high blood pressure person) get him into an aquatic therapy program.  Well, great, Casa Colina has one!  They are known for it! So they finally sent in the paper work and since our insurance works with Casa Colina, he should be in again in a week or so.  I just have to put that time waiting to bring him home again into hand sewing.

The fun part is, the hubby is a swimmer, and he's really looking forward to it, except I don't think they'll be letting him dive in and just go.  I just hope that by summer, he can use the pool here at the apartments safely.  I don't swim, I just don't drown.  It's something I've avoided for years, growing up with swimming pools, lakes and the ocean.  I plan on sticking to that policy for the rest of my life, too.  I'm a Plankton married to a Dolphin.

And now back to Dolls. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Every day, I get up thinking, yes, I will do this and that, and cover my schedule and get X amount of work done and hours put into sewing.  And every day, I get mail or a phone call that results in frustrating hours of being on hold on the phone (expensive minutes I pay for to keep the business running!) or explaining for what feels like the hundreth time what happened, what our situation is and "What form? I filled out that form!" and finding out something crucial along the way has been lost or changed by the health care act in some god awful random way.

So today they send me to which is California's throw it all in the bin web social service/healthcare, you name it site, that some worker had started a new application for me, and told me to fill in missing information.  I spend an hour going over the same thing twice, only to find out that some FOOL had filled in my having 2 of the same cars, one of which was---get this---the exact value of our old street address number.  How the hell did our street address building number get filled in as the value of this magical car?  I told the woman on the phone, check the DMV records, I have never owned this mythical car and if I had, I would sell it right now!  Not only that, but they had me having 2 bank acounts with 2 different amounts, and the same account number.

So yeah, a total of 3 hours today, spent dealing with the government, and 3 yesterday spent dealing with the government, the insurance or lack of it, the hospital bills, and for some reason, my husband's insurance card number or some other number not showing up and them having to put me on hold and look it up via some other magical number. Oh, and the DMV won't let me change our address.  It keeps telling me the same information that's on my Driver's license is not the information in their files.  O_o

How on earth does anyone work outside the home in the 'real world' with all this to deal with when they have a health emergency come up?  I am losing my mind.

But still sewing.

Edit: I'm beginning to suspect that the so called real world outside my front door is the twilight zone one.  Dolls make a hell of a lot more sense! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Back on Track

It's been so insane since December, I kept hoping each week that it would end and things would be 'normal'.    I think today it finally has.  I even got a shower when I planned to.

Last week we had the re-pipe and it just slowed everything down.  Then Wednesday, we both noticed the cat was drooling excessively and very limp and listless.  Since we had just paid all the money we had to move and pay the deposits, we had nothing to go to the vet with. It was a nightmare.  I stayed up all night Wednesday just looking up information on the internet and changing the towel under Tama. By Thursday evening I had it figured out. The wall board.  When they sawed up the wall board in the kitchen, the dust was blowing out in clouds all over everything.  They swept up, but a fat lot of good that did when it pretty much 'crop dusted' the whole kitchen and living room.  There was a fine layer of it everywhere, and it couldn't have all been gotten up with just a quick man-sweep.  This stuff needed tenting and a shop-vac.  I cleaned everything, putting me behind on a project I desperately wanted to get done and was working on in between all this mess, and by Friday, the drooling had slowed enough and Tama was starting to act like himself.  Saturday morning, he came out to the kitchen and begged for food.

He's fine now, just a little wobbly about the new space and the windows being in public areas (near the laundry rooms).  He still thinks we're going to move again every time I start unpacking a box or move something.  It just was the final straw in a way.  Being too broke to take him to the vet and having to live through that.  This business is my job, no alternatives.

It was so good today to mail out a project I really super wanted done on time.  And despite everything it came out great.  I really hate to do sub-standard work.

I'll be finishing up Fishcake's Yukata orders and Aernaths Sherlock suit and J.R.s Sherlock coat this week and concentrating on the Hanbok project after that. I'm taking new orders for late March, early April.  I want to be back up to speed in time to get the donation stuff out to Doll-A-Kon, if not in time for the advertising photos, at least for the actual convention.  I'm also doing another tutorial for BJDCollectasy which I hope to heck I can get done by the 15th.