Thursday, December 12, 2013

Commission: For Fishcake, 2 Dragon Doll size Yukatas.

Fabric is in the mail, (I can't wait to see it, she's a real artist, not a faker like me!) commission paid in full, and I'm posting the report post while T-mobile is being kind.

Go check out her fabulous art, sense of humor, doll collection, silly cat, and other things good and right, on her blog, Dolls, Art, Cats.

Barry being a bit girly with his obi. >.>  But then that's Barry. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Commission: Youkaimoon's Idealian 72; Kimono, Obis and Tabi.

Post moved up: Now on the sewing table.  In progress.

One Red Silk Kimono with a pieced lining of printed silk, 2 pairs of Tabi, and 3 Obi.
Also one pair of Tabi for a Soom Gem with Luts Senior Delf Feet.

These are the silk fabric photos sent to me by the customer. Gorgeous stuff.  It's to be worn as an outer kimono, and will look wonderful on a large doll like the Idealian.

The tabi are to be linen with cotton and the obi will be re-purposed silk ties.  I have an actual Japanese Tabi pattern I've been making people ones with, that will be miniaturized for the dolls.  The real ones close with pant hooks, but I'll use snaps on the doll ones. 

Correction: The Idealian is having toes separated and the Delf feet do have separated toes, so I had to charge extra for the more complicated work.  My Dragon Doll Uncles have sandal feet so I'm hoping to get a good "toe" fit on the tabi.  

Project to be finished before Christmas postal hell begins.